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Pre-school unit

In 1994 CLaSH established the first specialised pre-school unit for deaf children in Windhoek, to date a unique model (and training) institution. A second unit that started 2006 in Northern Namibia as a CLaSH supported parent-initiative now resides under the auspices of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Education and has grown steadily into Namibia's third School for the Deaf.

The CLaSH Unit

  • followed an educational approach that combined elements of Montessori education with specific aspects of early Deaf Education.
  • provided a stimulating environment where the children could learn effective communication skills and were prepared socially, emotionally and cognitively for their future schooling
  • offered extramural activities such as swimming lessons, rhythm and music and topic-specific outings to the deaf children
  • placed emphasis on the regular communication with parents and ran programmes to assist their empowerment and teach them Namibian Sign Language
  • ensured that children under its care benefited from regular ear care, hearing tests and hearing aids
  • set an example by employing Deaf adults as native signers and caregivers for young deaf children that has been followed by the Ministry of Education when appointing Deaf class assistants in their Schools for the Deaf.
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