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CLaSH worked to identify children with language, speech and hearing impairments as early as possible. Assessment and counselling sessions were offered at the head office in Windhoek as well as during outreach visits. Referrals were made for therapy, specific treatment and inclusive or special education.

CLaSH supported an individual, holistic approach for each child. Integration into mainstream education was assisted wherever this was possible through awareness raising, advice and provision of resources to children, parents and the schools involved. At the same time CLaSH recognised that inclusive education would not do justice to every child and therefore equally supported specialised educational approaches when appropriate.

Strongly believing in parents’ empowerment, CLaSH organised meetings and training workshops for parents of children with communication difficulties where they could share experiences and hopes, gain knowledge and learn new skills. Leaflets and posters addressed parents and caregivers with information in easily understandable terms and in various Namibian languages.

CLaSH also offered a variety of training modules for teachers and caregivers, at mainstream and special schools, as pre- and in-service training. The CLaSH annual seminar was a national event aimed at those working with children with language, speech and hearing impairments. Each year it focused on relevant topics of interest.

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