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The CLaSH Calendar

Each year CLaSH commissioned a special, high quality calendar with photographs of deaf children. Sponsored for many years by Standard Bank, it was sold as a fundraiser on CLaSH's behalf.

leaflets leaflets

Over the years, CLaSH published a wide range of information leaflets, posters and brochures regarding various aspects of language, speech and hearing. To address families and communities countrywide these publications were translated into seven main Namibian languages. Their content was clear, written in an easily understandable manner and supported by colourful illustrations.


The CLaSH T-shirts were very popular. They identified the unit children on school outings, they united CLaSH staff during public events and they were loved by tourists, friends and supporters.

Book Nalohima
Nalohima- the deaf tortoise

This beautiful children’s book was the colourful and thought provoking result of a workshop with South Africa’s famous storyteller Gcina Mhlophe. It told about the journey of a little tortoise that was born deaf and set out to discover the world around her. Although she cannot hear and cannot speak, she has a language of her own – sign language.